Todd Harding, TSM

yesterday my wife and I got the full spa treatment before our trip to Mexico for Tropical Nights; Boots in the Sand. We both got haircuts and pedicures.

My haircut included a scalp massage and a hot towel on the face. My pedicure was fairly basic and no I didn't get nail polish.

As soon as I posted my pedicure on Facebook, the calls started coming for me to turn in my Guy Card! However, despite my less than manly behavior, I think I should retain my Guy Card.


1. I am going to Mexico. I will be wearing flip-flops every day. My feet have to look good.
2. My feet were getting nasty.
3. My wife wanted me to do it...And if Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy.
4. It makes my feet feel great.
5. I was wearing a Broncos shirt. That should count for something.

Todd Harding, TSM