We leave for Nashville a week from today to pick up our Radio Broadcasting CMA Award.

Now this is my first trip to Tennessee, but I've been preparing. First I had to have some new clothes; I bought a new pair of cowboy boots in black, (with lots of bling) and I'm still trying to find someone to bring my hair up to Nashville size.

My BFF Alicia is my personal shopper, and I'm wearing one of the items she chose for me in this photo. It's not something I would even look at on the rack, but she has this amazing knack for what looks good. I like it a lot!

As for my hair, Mother Nature is my colorist. (I call the color natural platinum blond.) Some are encouraging me to color my hair for the big night, but it's been 2 years of growing out my dyed/fried hair to it's healthy, thick, glory and I love it. It's freedom from constantly touching up white roots and it seems to go with my skin and eye color. I have been playing the 'little old gray haired lady card,' and I'm getting pretty good at it!