The word on the street is that Fort Collins is now considering banning plastic bags in grocery stores.  Honestly that sickens me.  I laughed when the issue came up in Boulder and I just shrugged it off as "That's Boulder".  However, Fort Collins is my home and this is getting serious.

I use those plastic bags for everything from cat poop removal to carrying my breakfast to work in them.  The bag I am holding in the picture above once held a couple fiber bars, cheese sticks, and some almonds. It's my redneck lunch pail.  Please Fort Collins! Don't give in to the tree hugging crowd. Let me keep my plastic bags.

Maybe you don't agree with me, and that's fine.  You can use your cloth bags and I will use my plastic ones and we will get along just fine.  What do you think? It's our web question of the day.