Everyone is talking about the schoolyard kissing story today. Hunter Yelton is a 6 year old student at Lincoln School of Science and Technology in Canyon City. He apparently has a "girlfriend" and gave her a kiss on the cheek and was sent home because of school policy on sexual harassment.

I can vividly remember being "sexually harassed" by Mallory Easter when I was in 2nd grade. I kicked a home run in kickball to win the game and when I crossed home plate she laid one on me. What a moment!! A home run and kiss. I was the envy of every boy on the playground. I never kissed Mallory again, in fact I don't think I ever kicked another home run. I know that I never felt Mallory should have been suspended for the kiss.

I know we live in a different world and there is probably a lesson that needs to be taught here but a suspension seems like overkill to me. What do you think? Please vote below.