With nearly 35% of the population being Latino in Greeley, the Hispanic influence on the town is great. From language to culture, a trip through Greeley will surely have a Hispanic vibe. One of the best things that comes from this influence is the great food that has come along. Authentic Mexican food at it's best can be found all over Greeley. Here are my 10 favorite places to get a burrito in Greeley.

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    Chipotle Mexican Grill

    Right after I get done introducing this list by bragging about the authenticity of the Mexican food in Greeley I give you a chain restaurant! Not just any chain though, Chipotle adds convenience to good fresh ingredients made fresh in store. That equals a good burrito, and a favorite for University of Northern Colorado students do to its proximity to campus.

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    El Cielo

    3636 W 10th St

    A unique location sometimes keeps people away. Don't let the unique location of El Cielo keep you away. Traditional Mexican fare and a lot of choices! Family owned and operated, and possibly the friendliest staff anywhere!

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    4626 Centerplace Dr # 124 & 2527 11th Avenue

    Another chain that does it right. From the fresh grilled meats to the freshest toppings you'll find. My favorite the queso sauce on a nice warm tortilla! Greeley likes Qdoba so much that there are two of 'em!

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    2140 35th Avenue

    Once you step foot inside Cazadores you feel as though you have step right over the border. Even the decor is authentic. Oh and by the way if this was a list of the best fajita burritos, Cazadores would be at the top!

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    819 9th Street

    Quite a story goes along with this restaurant starting way back in the 1920's with Pancho Villa, through the opening of the first restaurant in LaSalle in 1972. Now there are seven locations all along the front range including in historic downtown Greeley. A great taste of history!

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    Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

    825 9th Street

    Known for the margaritas so good you are only allowed three of them, the Rio also has some great food to go with. And, what is the best side with a burrito (beside a margarita)? Chips and salsa of course, and they have some of the best!

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    Big City Burrito

    2622 South 11th Avenue

    I have to admit the first time I went to Big City it was a little weird, then I remembered the name, BIG CITY. It is just that, a little bit of Mexican mixed with the big city. The combination is a great one. Fresh mad from scratch ingredients fill the tortilla you choose. If you are in the mood for something outside the box, a little different from the typical burrito joint, Big City is the place!

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    Café Mexicali

    4629 Centerplace Dr # 125

    “As fresh as it gets” is what Cafe Mexicali claims to serves, and it sure tastes like it! Besides just being fresh Mexicali is also pretty darn good, and offers some uniquely delicious items. May I recommend the sweet pork with Creamy Habanero Sauce? Sweet and salty morsels of pork wrapped in a tortilla made right in front of you, and then covered in a mild, but very flavorful, sauce! Perfection!

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    El Charro

    2109 9th Street

    For 42 years El Charro has been wowing the patrons. If they still come after that long, you know you have something good! They stick to the basics, nothing too hot, nothing too off the wall, just good, old fashioned Mexican food done the right way. By the way, Tuesday nights are all you can eat burritos… Best deal in town!

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    2605 W. 11th St Rd

    The best burrito in Greeley? Ask around, the locals will almost all agree, it's Alberto's. To me green chili is the key to a good burrito, and there is no green chili that comes close to Alberto's. Now the burritos at Alberto's were good enough to make the number one on this list, but if the category was breakfast burritos, they would make the list of best in the world I am sure! Want a good burrito in Greeley? Go to Alberto's!