Growing up in Greeley meant that the end of June and beginning of July was time for fun. The Greeley Stampede was a tradition for my family and I, and like many one of my favorite events growing up was the demolition derby. My uncle, Donny Steinmetz, always drove the K99 car and watching as a little kid I knew someday I too wanted to drive in the derby. My dream came true a few times.

Not knowing a thing about how a car works and never holding a welder in my life spells trouble for someone who wants to drive a demolition derby car. But, as luck would have it, I had a friend who happened to have a car that was already built and just needed a driver. Problem was, I just turned 16, barely knew how to drive and my dad was paying thousands of dollars to straighten my teeth with braces. After a little begging and promising to wear a mouth guard, I convinced him to let me drive. That is when the next problem arose. The car was a stick shift... Didn't know how to drive one of those either! So after practicing in a pasture for weeks leading up to the derby at the Stampede I had learned how to drive the car and also been burned badly by an exploding radiator and was ready to just forget the whole thing. That's when we decided to paint it. Being a 16 year old kid I wanted something unique. We decided to make the car a "pimp-mobile." Green with with sparkly undertones, gold rims, and white walled tires. Basically a moving bulls-eye. Scared out of my shorts I got in the car and drove. Didn't do so well, but I was hooked.

The next year I got a car and did most of the work myself and continued on for the next three years before retiring from demolition derby's after a very unsuccessful four year career. Although I have to say I always had the prettiest cars!

Now I am a spectator again, and although I miss driving at times I defiantly don't miss the sore neck and 4 months married to an old piece of junk car.

The Stampede Grease Monkey Demolition Derby is this Sunday, June 24th, at 2pm. For tickets and more info click here.