As a person who feels it is important to put everything you have into the things you do, I knew when I started Lures 4 Laney that there would be blood, sweat, and tears put into the event. The one thing that was out of my control was whether or not people would support the event. That was answered with a big ‘ol YES yesterday as over 250 people came out and helped us raise in the neighborhood of $9,000.

I knew the day would come, the event would happen, and it would be over, but it truly seems like yesterday that I was following Delaney’s story as she was battling cancer. I knew I would do something for her, and figured it would be a small fundraiser and we would raise a couple hundred dollars. The more I thought, the more it got involved and led to what happened yesterday. I am sure those who are close to me are glad it is over because I feel like that is all I talked about over the last 6 months as the event approached. Trust me, it is all I thought about too. I am going to be pretty boring now with nothing to talk or think about! HA!

All joking aside, as much as the event meant to me it couldn’t have happened without some absolutely wonderful people. I feel the need to thank everyone one by one and recognize every person who put their ingredients into the mix to make the event what it was, but I would get carpel tunnel syndrome from typing that many names! So first I thank Jason and Brenna Wadsworth, Delaney’s parents. They shared ‘Laney with me and the world and backed the event the whole way! Next, the radio stations where I work. They backed the event, supported the event, and basically gave me all of the tools I needed to make it happen. The community is next on the list. From the great sponsors like Scott Horvath State Farm in Windsor, the Mosquito Authority, and All-American Towing to the hundreds of businesses who put up posters and donated door prizes, and of course the people who came out to a first year event not knowing what to expect. The Northern Colorado community should be proud of themselves! My friends. I cant tell you how many times I went onto Facebook and saw someone share something about the event, or how many times people offered to help along the way. Lastly, my family. They had to deal with me being stressed, being away to do things for the event, and were always there for a lending hand when I needed it. All of these people I just named joined together yesterday to set-up, participate, help run the event, just stop by because they knew what it meant to me, tear it down afterwards, and most importantly MADE Lures 4 Laney happen!

This wasn’t Shawn Patrick’s Lures 4 Laney like the event was titled, it was more like Shawn Patrick’s idea for Northern Colorado’s Lures 4 Laney! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you is used a lot and sometimes it goes in one ear and out the other, but from the bottom of my truly blessed heart I thank every single person who had anything to do with Lures 4 Laney, it means more than words can express! :)