Not that you really need an excuse to go to Las Vegas, but if you are a country music fan, particularly country music from the late 90's and early 2000's, then you need to get on a plane and get to Vegas to see Shania Twain like I did last weekend. 

I had other prior arrangements that sent me to Vegas, and I quite honestly forgot that Shania was there, but when I saw an ad and was reminded, I went ahead and got some tickets. The tickets by the way, by Vegas standards, aren't that bad price-wise. We had seats towards the back of the lower level (there are three levels), and they were less than $100 each with taxes and fees.

I wasn't really sure what to expect, beings Shania hasn't really done anything except for the Vegas show, in over a decade, but WOW! She can still sing, and boy does she look good!

I must warn you, it was more of a show than a concert. There were a lot of costume changes, a bunch of male dancers, set changes, and videos on the giant screen. So it's not all about the music, but it is very entertaining.

I don't want to spoil the whole show for you, but I will say that my favorite part was when Shania brought up some fans from the audience to sit around a makeshift camp scene complete with rocks, and a campfire. She did two or three songs acoustically around the fire, and they made the whole theater smell of campfire. Made me want to grab some marshmallows and head to the mountains.

Moral of this story is I enjoyed my two hours with Shania in Vegas last week, and when I got back she announced that the stint at Caesars Palace is about to come to an end. So, I am telling you that if you are looking for a getaway and you enjoy country music, go visit Shania in Vegas!