This is one of of those bittersweet goodbyes. Goodbyes are always hard, but some easier than others. No one died, as a matter of fact no one is going far, but today is my last show on K99. So I felt the need to take a few moments and thank you for making the last 4 years some of the best i have ever had.

From the time I was a little boy, I dreamed of being on the radio. I would set up two or three cassette players and blast out tunes like Garth Brooks and Led Zeppelin. Although no one probably would have listened to my huge variety of music, I loved playing radio. The reason I loved the radio was because I loved listening to it. When I was listening it was K99.

When I went to broadcasting school they required us to do an internship, and there was no question where I wanted to do mine. I remember how starstruck I was as the first day on the job I got to work with my radio idol growing up, Brian Gary.

It is funny how things move along when you really want them. Pretty soon, I had my own show on K99, was good friends with the people I grew up listening to, and eventually even got to do the show I grew up listening to (The Good Morning Guys)!

Along with doing that show I have had so many great things happen with K99. I have been able to go introduce shows in front of thousands of people, I have gotten to meet my country music idols, I have been able to help raise awareness to child abuse via the 28 Hours of Hope, I have made lifelong friends, and even put on my own fundraiser for a cause that was near and dear to my heart.

I couldn't have done any of these things with out three groups of people.

First, the wonderful staff at K99. Brian, Todd, D, Charley, Dave, and everyone else have been the best mentors a young broadcaster could ever ask for. I am proud to call them co-workers, but even more humbled and proud to call them friends!

Next, my friends and family. They have been by my side since day one rooting me on and supporting every little thing I have done. From always tuning in to my shows to being at my major events, they have been my biggest fans and have made this journey not only successful, but fun!

Finally, the K99 family. There is a reason this station has been #1 in Northern Colorado for practically ever. The most loyal listeners anywhere, and caring to boot. Ask for donuts on the air, you can bet some will show up in a few minutes. Ask for help at a charity event, and you can bet hundreds will show up ready to give. And we don't have to ask, thousands and thousands tune in everyday so that we can do what we love. K99 listeners are hands down the best!

As for me. I won't be far. Doing an afternoon show across the hall on one of our sister stations and also overseeing the music we play. It is a great opportunity for me, and I am extremely excited. But it would have never been possible without you! Thanks for giving me some of the best 4 years of my life on K99. I am forever grateful!