There are thing's that you are doing right now that will bring on a migraine. Here's a guide that will help you avoid these debilitating little devils. I'm a little apprehensive about telling you that sex can lead to a Migraine as I can see the nasty emails flying my way now.



  • Sleeping in: A  Migraine brain is a habitual brain, it likes routine, so when you think that you are doing yourself a favor by sleeping in on the weekend you are actually awakening the Migraine Monster.
  • The shift from Stress to Relaxed: Migraine prone people have a 20% increased chance at developing a Migraine going from happy to sad, because of the chemicals that are produced while stressed then drop off quickly once the stress has past
  • Rainy Days
  • Estrogen fluctuation: Such as getting off birth control or becoming pregnant, if fact this can also make you more susceptible to other triggers for Migraines.
  • Food: It can be as simple as what you are eating. The research is ongoing to which foods really do trigger Migraines, but foods with Tyramine are common Migraine triggers, these triggers include Red Wine, Tea, Coffee and Apple Juice
  • Your Co-workers Perfume: it falls under the sensory jolts like bright light and loud noises
  • Drinking Coffee/Not Drinking Coffee: this is a tough one, if you drink coffee and stop drinking coffee this can trigger a Migraine. Researchers say it's best to drink just one cup a day, regularly, and if you are drinking much more than that, slowly decrease (don't go from 5 cups to 1 tomorrow)
  • Drinking Alcohol: All alcohol can trigger a Migraine, but dark-colored liquors are most likely to bring on a Migraine, especially when consumed heavily. As a precaution if you are drinking, take a Motrin or Aleve before drinking and don't forget to eat.
  • SEX! Yep, physical exertion of any sort including sex can trigger a migraine. And this is especially true if you are out of shape.
  • Skipping Lunch: It really goes back to routine, a Migraine Brain is a stickler for routine. Fasting can have the same onset properties as skipping lunch.

I have not ever had a Migraine but I know that I have had some headaches that crippled me, I hope that if you do experience them that this helps.