Is there wicked weather on the way next week? I have heard nothing from the meteorologists or other weather predictors but I have it heard it from Roscoe. When Windsor was hit by the tornado four years ago my friend Roscoe had told me weeks in advance that something big was going to happen on that day and he was right. I now rely on him for my extended forecasts.

When it comes to weather predicting I tend to trust and old farmer more than a weather man. I believe the Farmer's Almanac is the true source of information and trust those who read it. I have farmers tell me things like "I saw a snake on the farm and he was moving west, that tells me..." I believe in people who read animals and natures reactions.

Early this year Roscoe gave me to periods of time to mark on my calender for when they may be some wicked weather. He told  me to circle the dates of June 20-22 and September 20-21. There may be nothing those days but I am counting on something. If we do get bad weather on those dates we will be firing 7 News chief meteorologist Mike Nelson and replacing him with Roscoe.