I have always been one who preaches that we need to tell our loved ones how much we love them frequently because you never know how much time you have on this earth. We usually wait until someone has died before we say all the wonderful things that they would love to hear while they are still here.

A dear friend of mine and the communities, Bob Todd, has been hit hard by cancer and hasn't been given much time. We went and visited Bob in hospice the other day. It is sad seeing someone who was strong and vibrant being robbed of those traits. He was still laughing with us and told us how proud he was of all we have accomplished. I just held him and told him how much he has meant to me and the community. Bob used to be the media director and creative force behind the Greeley Stampede and has done marketing and creative art work in our area for decades. He always has had a smile on his face, a kind word to say and devilish twinkle in his eyes. Bob has been just plain fun from the first time I met him. We have not gotten together near as often as we should have but I have loved every minute. It is nice to have a friend that you can tell actually cares and listens. Bob is that guy. Bob is losing his fight and the game could be called any day now but we still have time to pray and to send our good wishes for Bob to read. If you have worked with Bob, know Bob, or just want to pass on some kind words, please do so below. I know he would love to read them. I love you Bob.