There are many things about Facebook that drive me nuts but people who use it as a mirror have to be the worst. I have many friends who just can't seem to get enough of themselves. I will see them posting pictures of themselves getting ready to leave for the day, laying in bed, jogging, wearing a new hat, getting ready for a night on the town, tanning, getting a new haircut, you name it, they have to show us how they look. Do you people have a mirror?

I call it Facebook trolling, you are just throwing bait out there hoping someone comments and tell you that you look HOTT! Please stop. Just look in the mirror each day and be happy with yourself and don't worry about how many "likes" you get on how you look today. I am not saying don't post pictures of you doing things of interest but posing for your own photo shoot while you look at the sun is a little self-absorbed. I have many friends who are guilty.

I am proposing a new law that if you post more than 2 selfies a week, you will have your Facebook account suspended for a month and you will be sent a mirror to help you get through.