The new Foothills Mall is still in early phases, and approvals and other red tape is still the issue. I would like to imagine it finished, and see myself on a huge shopping spree in a brand new mall!

Here is what the interior might look like.

Alberta Development Partners -

Some things I like to buy online. Clothing is not one of them. Fit is just too important. That's why I love to be in the physical store.

Alberta Development Partners -

The new development, if approved will have the following features.

  • 77 acres
  • 620,000 square feet
  • 800 apartments
  • Holiday 2014 (projected)
  • grand fountain, dancing fountains,
  • great lawn, skating pond,
  • peer-through fireplace, pavilion, parks,
  • concierge service, farmers market
Alberta Development Partners -

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