Here we go again on the gun issue. This time, the NFL has decided that a Superbowl commercial to be aired by Daniel Defense will be banned.

I guess it really doesn't matter what side of the fence you sit on, those who believe they have the right to defend their family and home with a firearm, are right in doing so.  Doesn't matter if you like guns or not. Millions do and it's their right to own them.

Wasn't the gun issue clearly written within our Constitution when it was adopted some 226 years ago?  The rights of every United States citizen is clearly stated.

So, I do find it ironic that the head of one of the most violent sports thinks running an ad for a gun dealer will cast a bad image among them when probably at least half of all those associated with the NFL are gun owners.  Now protecting my family is a bad thing?

I saw the following video on Facebook and wanted to share it and let you decide for yourself.  The first part is the actual commercial that was submitted to the NFL for approval and then a commentary by Colion Noir.

In my opinion, to which I am entitled, Mr Noir nails it.  Enjoy the video...