I love doing the interviews with our 'New from Nashville' stars but yesterday's visit with Katie Armiger was awesome and one of my funnest.

Sugar Land Texas native Katie Armiger was in town yesterday as part of our 'New from Nashville' series and as always, those who are in town performing always stop by for a live studio visit.

One thing about my interviews is that they aren't your typical interview about record label stuff, number of albums sold etc. Who cares!  I do an interview based on what I want to actually know about the person. How many awards they have tells me nothing other than they are good at what they do. Duh!  We know that. What we don't know is if they like chicken or steak. Camping or hotels? Mountains or beach.

An interview should sound real and hearfelt...not scripted from some piece of paper. I don't do the best interview but I do the best fun interview around. Enjoy my chat with Katie Armiger and I promise to start uploading all my studio interviews from here on out.