There's always one or two actors out there that I find myself oddly attracted to, yet can't get any support from my girlfriends. Will you support my secret Hollywood crush?


Yep, Steve Carell!!!! I know he may not be in your top 10, but he makes mine. It was years ago when I looked at him and went, hey he isn't bad looking (mind you I am more into the bald and broad shoulders)

My James

But come on... can you see it... there is something about Steve Carell, not to mention he is funny as funny get's! When did I notice he had a good look, the end scene in the "40 Year Old Virgin" when he is dancing in the field after getting married. Yep, that was my Steve Carell moment.

Oh and don't think that there aren't other oddities out there in Hollywood that make me smile... oddities I say cuz, some of them have hair and some are shorter or more arrogant than I prefer... Others that make me go hmmm... without making sense, in my style type.


I know that his name is Chris Hemsworth, but I just call him Thor!


And some may call him Robert Downey Jr, but I think of him as Iron Man

Who are your popular and not so popular Hollywood crushes?