Yesterday I took a few minutes to just sit on my front step. I was breathing the beautiful fall air and reflecting on how lucky I am to live in this world. I looked up and saw an airplane fly over head leaving a trail behind it as it flew across the Rocky Mountain sky. It took me back to when my son Nick was a little boy over 20 years ago. I remember him looking up at the sky when a plane would pass and say "Dad, look at the airplane scratching the sky." I cannot see a plane in the sky leaving a trail without thinking of him and that moment. I tear up every time I see it. It was a wonderful, unintended moment of poetic innocence and brilliance. If you are ever with me when a plane flies overhead and you see a tear in my eye, you will now understand.

Take a few moments to use your eyes and ears like a child and see the world from a more innocent and less jaded point of view. There is beauty everywhere and sometimes we get to old in the mind to see it.