You know you have hit it big when the folks from Saturday Night Live take the time to find someone who can look, talk, and act like you (just a little bit funnier). We already knew Taylor Swift was that big, but now Scotty McCreery has joined those ranks too.

The American idol winner along with Swift were mocked by actors alongside the real Michael Buble, a pop singer who was on the show promoting his new "Christmas" album. Pop sensation Justin Beiber was also mocked along with the two country youngsters. The show poked fun at Swift’s well-known surprised face and Justin Bieber‘s hip dance moves, but perhaps the funniest bit was their ‘ode’ to McCreery’s signature deep country voice.

Although the skit was based on a Buble promoting a fake album, he really did just release a new Christmas album. The album doesn't feature McCreery or Swift, but does have a rendition of "White Christmas" with country singer Shania Twain.

Watch Scotty McCreery and Taylor Swift Get Parodied on ‘SNL’