I tell myself how lucky I am to have found a great home for my horse, especially when the economy is so tough. Buying horses is a low priority, way behind oh say paying the mortgage and putting gas in the truck. But I'm so sad.

She never looked prettier than she did yesterday, jet black and windblown loaded in the horse trailer pulling out of my driveway.
'Black Cashmere V' -barn name 'Tess' had been here with me for 5 and a half years and a constant source of pride.  According to Arabian horse lore, the Bedouins believed that black horses were bad luck, so they killed all black foals before they ever took a first step.  That made black Arab horses rare for a long time, and we really still don't see that many.

Not only is Tess black, but absolutely gorgeous as well.  She is on her way to Texas to be someone else's dream horse.

She's not the only dream horse I've had to say good bye to.  There was a charismatic,handsome, charming, stallion named 'MC Makhzan', barn name 'Mak' .

He lived with us for the last year of his life.  We had to let him go when he could no longer get up at age 25. It was neurological, and heartbreaking.  I now have a yearling colt that is the best of both his dam, Tess, and sire, Mak.

You can probably imagine how much this little colt is loved.