The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run are proud to announce Santeramo's in Greeley as a new ride sponsor for the 2012 Christmas Toy Run.  Mike and his crew will also be feeding the Sleigh Riders as we stage for the Lights the Nights parade in Greeley next Saturday night, the 24th.

In addition to the ride sponsorship, Santeramo's will also be providing pizza for those who show up for the Greeley Lights the Nights parade on Saturday night, the 24th.

We will have pizza for up to 50 people.

If you want to join us in the night parade remember that you must have lights on you or your bike (or both) and the Sleigh Riders are also asking that you buy some inexpensive sleigh bells to hang off your bike somewhere so they jingle jangle.  You can find these sleigh bells in any department store that sells stuff from A-Z.

Big thanks to Mike and the crew of Santeramo's for helping the Sleigh Riders on this years toy run and we hope to see many of you for the parade on the 24th and of course the big toy run on Sunday, December 23rd.  Check the K99 website or the K99 and/or Sleigh Riders FB pages for more details.

Details on where we stage will be announced later this week.