They closed down their Fort Collins location in September, but on Monday (April 14)- They’re back! It’s the return of Sanford’s Grub & Pub!

Get the scoop on why they closed, and why they reopened!

Sanford’s Grub & Pub shut down their Fort Collins location in September. It seemed odd- as it was a really cool place with great food and drink at great prices.  Turns out, according to the story in the Coloradoan, the owners shut down after having not just one, but TWO offers on the table to sell the establishment.  For whatever reason, those two offers went belly-up, and the owners were left just sitting around losing money and decided to open back up!

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You’ll find Sanford's right back at its most recent location on Oakridge across from Safeway.

When you return, starting April 14, you may notice some of the ‘junk’ is gone- but you’ll also notice some new ‘junk’- these guys apparently have a lot of ‘junk’. But then, that’s part of the fun at Sanford’s!

Let’s get in there and enjoy!

Get the full story from The Coloradoan