While the weather was raging in Fort Collins, in Wyoming the sun was shining and the Cheyenne Frontier Days grounds were ready for an amazing show.

If you didn't see K99 in the party zone, you DEFINITELY missed out-- check out the photos below to see some of the hilarity from our twist on the Newlywed Game and the funny answers that married or engaged couples gave...including which of their lady's friends are the hottest (YIKES).

Our friends over at Townsquare Wyoming also embraced 'Poke-Man', who gave out Pikachu backpacks with tickets inside!

Maddie and Tae rocked the house with their sister power and played to an adoring crowd, looking and sounding amazing in the setting sun.  What an amazing backdrop for a concert-- which remained the same when Sam Hunt took the stage to the sounds of Ricky Bobby: "Shake and Bake!"  I can't help it, I may have swooned a little-- and he was amazing, hitting his singles 'Small Town', 'Take Your Time', and more.

We had so much fun at Cheyenne Frontier Days last night, and check out the photos of your favorite stars below.

*All photos of artists approved by label before posting.*