A friend of mine today brought to my attention that she thought the Salvation Army was basically being boycotted and not allowed to run the Red Kettle campaign here in Colorado.  Well, it seems that is both true and false.

Although Colorado as a whole has not 'kicked out' the Salvation Army Colorado Springs in fact has shut down a prime location in the downtown area.

It looks like a new panhandling ban in downtown Colorado Springs has eliminated a bell-ringing site for the Salvation Army's annual Red Kettle Campaign. City officials in Colorado Springs claim that the Salvation Army are subject to the same laws and restrictions as a panhandler thus shutting down a very high traffic location in the downtown area.

There are 60 other locations in Colorado Springs that will remain open but I'm sure other towns and cities might follow suit. I understand the law and as I have said before, every rule has exceptions and this is one of those times.

From my point of view, what the Salvation Army is doing is not even close to what an actual panhandler does.