I have said it from day one and I will continue to say it every year...THIS is the Father of all toy runs and I wouldn't miss it for anything and hope you won't either! In fact, you probably won't find an older toy run than the one that will take place on December 2nd this year.

A Righteous Ride, V-Twin Motors and The New Plantation are  proud to present the 27th Annual Toy run on Sunday December 2nd which helps the Salvation Army provide toys to those children in need.

Photo courtesy of Maya Gurarie

27 years!  The run was started before any other toy run that I know of, anywhere. Willie Spaedt and TC "Claus" started the run back in 1985 and have been helping the kids in the community ever since.

One of the most amazing things is that this run now has people riding in it that actually received toys many years ago themselves.  Talk about paying it forward!

All participants will be meeting again at a Righteous Ride / V-Twin Motors in Greeley.  They are easy to find at 2881 31st Ave, B-14 in Greeley.   Everyone will meet at Noon and the ride leaves at 1PM for the New Plantation, 3520 11th Ave in Evans.

As always, there will be a great party after the run with great food and drink, live music from 1 to 4pm and a chance to meet new friends and see the ones you haven't seen in awhile.

Everyone is welcome and for more information please call Willie Spaedt directly at 970-302-9369 or 970-339-5781.