Susan Moore, TSM



Saturday was a gorgeous day, forecast to be in the 50's and nothing but blue skies.
B.F.F. Alicia and I were off on a new adventure as neither of us had ridden the
Pawnee Grasslands before. So with our horses Lily and Maggie in the trailer we
had smooth sailing going east on Hwy 14.  Once we turned off the pavement
though, we found ourselves sliding around on slick, muddy dirt roads til we reached
a spot to unload our horses and ride.  Oh my goodness...the quiet vast expanse
of the grasslands all to ourselves gave thought to a return trip when it greens up.
We had the whole place to ourselves. I was riding bareback and decided that I
needed a saddle on Lily so we headed back to the truck and that's when the peaceful
day took a turn.

Once I got off her, Lily just took off at a brisk pace and Maggie followed.  Both
horses went on their own adventure.  Alicia took off on foot after them and told me
to follow her in the truck.  A perfect plan except that the battery had died in the
truck and there it sat.  I could see the horses about a mile or so away and Alicia
was gaining on them.  They all disappeared behind a butte and eventually I saw
Alicia leading them back.  I walked to meet them and explained that
the truck wouldn't start.  Thankfully we now had horses to ride out of the wilderness
back to civilization.  Wheew....we were very fortunate that Mr. and Mrs. Vogel from
Ft. Collins were driving their minivan through the grasslands and  gave us a jump...

As you can well imagine we worked up quite an thirst and appetite after a day of
hauling,  riding, and chasing horses so we followed the back roads north to Rock Springs for Rocky Mountain Oysters and cold beers at T-Joes...I can't believe I really ate that.