We can all agree that John F Kennedy was assassinated, but by who? Or, was it an accident as on Australian detective thinks. Watch this video and see what you think.

Howard Donahue came up with a theory years ago that claims the JFK assassination wasn't done by the mafia, Lee Harvey Oswald or our government.

Could it have been an accident by a member of his secret service team in the car directly behind the President?

Retired Australian detective, Collin McClaren, thinks it was. In his short 2013 video he claims, from witness testimony,

The JFK tragedy was nothing more than a convergence of an assassination attempt mixed with an accidental shooting of JFK from one of the Secret Service Agents in the follow up car who then covered up their blunder - Collin McClaren

Of all the theories, this one is hard for me to swallow although most if does make sense but one would think some video would have surfaced by now which should clearly show the agents weapon accidentally discharging as he stumbled. I have searched extensively and can't find any video that shows the car behind the President at the time of the shooting.

I tend to believe if it was an accident, it would have been portrayed as such. Then again, if it was a secret service blunder, perhaps they would have gone to such great lengths to cover it up.? If so, how does one explain Jack Ruby?

Bottom line for me is who knows. I tend to lean towards a mafia hit or I would even subscribe to the idea that his Vice President, Lyndon B. Johnson, had his hands in it somehow.

How about you? Do you buy into this new accidental Secret Service shooting theory?