Dan Seals would have been 63 today. He passed away on March 25, 2009. I have so many found memories of Dan Seals. My wife's first favorite country song was "Bop". The first show we ever did as K99 was Dan Seals at the UCCC in Greeley decades ago. We all wore white tuxedos and made our grand debut that night. We also had Dan at the old Larimer County Fairgrounds years ago as well where my buddy Kenny Cordova gave Dan a box of flies he had tied for him and Dan was so happy and gracious.

A few of my favorite country songs of all time are Dan Seals songs as well. "Big Wheels In The Moonlight", "Addicted" and "Bop" to name a few. How about "One Friend" or "God Must Be A Cowboy" or "Meet Me In Montana"? Here are a few to remind you of how good Dan was.