There was a period of time in the mid 70's when streaking became quite a phenomenon. It seemed like every week in the news someone was shedding off their clothes and running naked somewhere, like a sporting event or public forum. There was even a streaker at the Oscars one year. I never participated in this because I am not much of a runner and no one wants to see a naked fat man walk slowly across a football field.

The man who made this a musical phenom was Ray Stevens. The country singing comic turns 74 today so I thought we would relive "The Streak" and a few other of Ray's classics. If you are young and ever wondered why your parents "just ain't right", Ray Stevens could have something to do with it.

You have to love a song about squirrels.

Here was a real rare traditional hit from Ray in 75, Misty.

Now watch the infamous streaker at the Oscars.