Brian & Todd hosted the 2nd Annual Redneck Gala to benefit the Barlow Foundation on Saturday.  More money was raised this year than last year to help adults who have been affected by cancer. K99 donated a "Red Solo Cup" package that included the autographed poster from Show Dog Universal.  Everyone had a great time and we have pictures & video to prove it. 

There was the duck squat and it was a dead even tie.  That duck pooped right between two numbers with the precision of an F-14 fighter pilot.  The wife calling contest was hoot, literally.  The Daisy Dukes contest was won by a dude! We still don't get that.   The best redneck was crowned after a simple, yet effective belch.

The comedians tried really hard to be funny. We were given ungodly amounts of food.  The bands, Bob Purcell & the Outrider's and At Arms Length rocked the house...and then there was Todd, doing his best to embarrass his wife with his dance. (If you can call it that!)

Here are a few photos we captured from the event: