The Zac Brown Band played Red Rocks this past summer, and their new video features their peformance at one of Colorado's marvels!

Take a look at their new video for "Keep Me In Mind" and other videos that feature Red Rocks Amphitheater as the backdrop!


For over 100 years people have performed at the naturally accoustic park just west of Denver in Morrison, Colorado--

Red Rocks Park.

From Native American ceremonies to opera; from Easter services to Country acts, Red Rocks Amphitheater has been a draw for hundreds of thousands of visitors. Not only to see the performers, but to behold nature’s own performance of such a beautiful venue. Once listed at one of the seven wonders of the world It is, according to their website:

 The only naturally occuring perfectly accoustic amphithater in the world"

It is really something to behold.  To sit among these giant monolithic stones (larger than Niagra Falls), and take in the sounds of whomever may be on stage. Thrown in, that you may be seeing one of your favorite acts.. it takes it over the top!

In September of 2011, The Zac Brown Band performed for the venue's 9,500 seating capacity crowd.  The band took the opportunity as many other acts have done to make a recording of their visit.  They used that footage to help produce the video for “Keep Me In Mind” --from their album “You Get What You Give

The video takes you behind the scenes with the band, behind the scenes of Red Rocks, and has some great footage of the surroundings.

Take a look:

As I said, many other acts have recorded and/or filmed at Red Rocks.

John Denver, Jimi Hendrix and The Dave Mathews Band are just a few of the legends whoe laid tape there- even Steve Martin- his "Wild and Crazy Guyalbum was recorded at Red Rocks!

A few years ago Gary Allan played Red Rocks, and with HIS footage, produced "Watching Airplanes" from "Living Hard": 

But one of the most notable music videos shot at Red Rocks for my generation has to be from U2. From 1983's "Live at Red Rocks: Under A Blood Red Sky"

Look how young Bono is! 

The place is legendary, the place is a must see.

Red Rocks is Colorado's own-  get there and enjoy it!