Like a global paradigm shift, reality has changed. Our perceptions or tolerances have been skewed to alter the reality we once believed and accepted.  Or more simply put, we have all become color blind or we just don't respect the red light anymore.

It might just sound a bit funny to say we have all gone color blind or that we may not respect the red light anymore, but these absurdities are far less damaging than what may really be going on. In my opinion and my opinion alone, I believe that we just may be so self adsorbed anymore that we don't realize what's going on around us. We rush through our days and meetings and appointments like mice in a maze looking for the cheese. Unfortunately we can spend our entire lives doing this and never quite finding our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is easiest to believe that we can't see the red light anymore than think that we have become numb to those around us. As the days pass it seems that it has become worse. I can count three and four if not five and six vehicles turning on a red light. Are we so self consumed that we don't respect that it is now someone else turn to go, after all they now have a green light.  We are so involved with all that we need to do, where we need to be that we can't pause the three minutes or less it takes to stop.  Or, maybe its a big coo to 'teach' the light masters to re-time the lights. Now I am just being silly, but you know what I mean. We can look at this with a heavy eye or we can shrug our shoulders and just say, I don't know and put up with it.

Obviously the running red lights issue is a big burden on me. I think to myself every time I am stuck there at a green light waiting for the inconsiderate people running the red light. If the traffic light system doesn't matter or is no longer effective, can we please go to a flashing yellow, universally? Just a thought and apparently a big ramble. But, if you have ever been a party to this insensitive behavior by other drivers, you might just be quietly nodding your head confirming that this is a potential problem on our roadways.