Because groovy isn't used enough these days I had to say groovy veggie dish! I love veggies, but mostly when they are swimming on my plate with some kind of meat. I once tried to pin point my favorite meat and thought that I had it boiled down to pork, but then thought okay, if I could only have pork the rest of my life, then I thought well steak is my favorite and then thought the same, so if I am ever stranded on an island it better be a mulit meat island... lol!



2 lbs of zucchini (grated), 1 cup feta cheese, 1 egg, 1 medium onion (grated), 1/2 Tbs (each) of mint, dill and parsley (I use dried as it's hard for me to have these fresh on hand when I want them), 1 cup of flour, salt and pepper and olive oil for frying (if you prefer you can deep fry these instead, just use your frying or deep heavy kettle at 350 degrees)


After you grate the zucchini let set for about fifteen minutes to drain the excess water from the vegetable, same for the grated onion-pat dry with paper towels before mixing together with egg, feta cheese, salt and pepper, once mixed well add in the mint, dill and parsley. Toss in flour and form balls. Roll the balls in a little flour (about a 1/3 cup of flour with a tsp of cornstarch-if desired or just a little flour-just looking for a light dusting here) and cook in hot olive oil until golden brown on both sides.