There are few things better than fresh bread toasted with butter and garlic, but garlic has many more surprising uses for your health and beyond.

Recipe Rescue Surprising Garlic Uses D Dennison


  • Garlic can help with hair loss, infuse it with oil or just crush a clove(s) and massage into your scalp
  • End acne with a garlic clove, rub it on a pimple for an effective topical remedy
  • Keep the doctor away with garlic, eat it daily to boost your immune system and if you are caught by a cold, steep cloves in hot water, drain and drink
  • Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties, try rubbing garlic oil on a Psoriasis break out
  • A garlic rich diet could help you lose weight and keep fat away
  • Remove a splinter with a slice of garlic, put it on the splinter and wrap with bandage or duct tape
  • Soak your feet in a warm bath of crushed garlic water and say goodbye to athlete's foot
  • Mosquitoes don't like garlic, hmmm... a little blood sucker doesn't like garlic, could mosquitoes be the original vampires? Rub a mixture of garlic, Vaseline and beeswax on your skin or create a perimeter of garlic cloves when sitting on the patio
  • Reduce pain and swelling from a cold sore, put a slice on the infected area
  • Keep bug's out of your garden by mixing garlic with mineral oil, water and soap and spray on your plants

Now I guess I know why I love garlic so much and have a come back when my Rochelle and her super sensitive nose says "Did you have garlic last night?"