Summer time screams burgers, this recipe adds a little kick and adds a new twist to the old and true burgers we eat over and over again all summer long.



2 lbs of hamburger (80/20), 6 pieces of cooked bacon, 6 thick cut chunks of cheese (like a 1/4 inch thick and about two inches long-like if you cut it off of a block of cheese), 2 eggs, 1/4 of steak sauce and a 1/4 cup of seasoned bread crumbs


In a large bowl add the steak sauce, bread crumbs eggs and some salt and pepper toss lightly with your finger tips, divide the mixture into twice the amount of hamburgers you will actually end up with, form into balls and lightly flatten on the counter top. Tear your bacon pieces in half and criss-cross them half of the patties that you have and top that with the cheese chunk, now take the other patty and lie on top of your topping patty, now pinch the patties together all the way around. Cook on medium high-grill or stove top, about 4 minutes each side (less for a more mooing hamburger, but know where your beef came from if you're going for rare)