My sister-in-law, Lisa made this cake last summer when we were back in Lincoln, Nebraska for the fourth of July and I fell in love with a "sweet"! I have no doubts that you will love this cake so much you'll say " this is the best cake I've ever made "!



1 Cake box of cake mix, any will do so pick your favorite, this time of year a spice cake would be awesome, 1 can of pumpkin puree (not the mega can), applesauce, 1 Package of Cool Whip frosting from the freezer section (it is so light and creamy-perfect for any cake)


Mix the cake according to package instructions, except where it says to put in oil use the equal amount of applesauce (so if it says 1 cup of oil, use 1 cup of applesauce, etc...) Add the pumpkin and combine the ingredients together well. Put in a greased 9"x13" pan and cook according to box cake mix instructions. Make sure not to over cook it, remove from oven, cool and frost.

****if you are following a fall theme, get a ready made pie crust from the refrigerator section and a pumpkin or leaf cookie cutter, cut out the pie crust, bake on a cookie sheet, brush with melted butter when they are golden brown and hot from the oven, then sprinkle with sugar, chunky decorating sugar, regular granulated sugar (maybe mixed with cinnamon) or powdered sugar (if using powdered sugar, don't use the butter, just make sure to sprinkle them while hot) And use them as garnish on top of your cake, edible garnish is always a hit.

Calorie savings for substituting applesauce for oil, are you sitting down?

1 Cup of oil= 1,928 calories AND 1 Cup of Applesauce= 166 calories... that's a saving's of 1,762 calories per cake. WOW!