Usually when you see pinwheels at a party they are filled with yummy savory stuff. Cream cheese is a must more often than not, but then its a free for all what you put in there. When making pinwheels you can load them up with jalapenos, lunch meats and olives or a variety of veggies, this time, we're gonna sweeten them up.


Kraft seems to have been working over time these days as they have really started to put out some really incredible cooking products. They have so many creams and cream cheese varieties, cooking is getting easier and easier.


1 OR 2 tubs of Philadelphia snack delights cream cheese (dark chocolate), a tub of raspberries and a pkg of medium tortillas


Set the tortillas and cream cheese on the counter about 15 minutes before assembling them. Begin by spreading the cream cheese all over the tortilla, from end to end, so that the whole surface is covered, fill with raspberries and roll tightly. Cut the ends off and snack on or discard and then cut the rest of the roll into 1" pieces (it's a good idea to put the rolls seems down on a cooking sheet and refrigerate for 5-10 minutes before cutting-they will hold their shape better) Arrange on a platter, garnish with mint leaves or chocolate shavings or just serve them up the way they are.