Hey let go of my sausage! One of the easiest and greatest snack food for a football game is sausage. Let's hit the kitchen quick so we can sit on the couch and belch and grown all evening!

Although I have come to love wrapping and stuffing everything in some kind of pastry (my certified chef pointed that out last night) I will refrain from wrapping sausage in pastry this time and go for simple dimple, easy peasy Superbowl sausage snacks.

What You'll Need:

2-3 pkg of sausage-your favorite, one bell pepper-your choice red, green or yellow, one medium onion, half a block of cheddar cheese, a drizzle of canola oil and a tsp of cayenne pepper.

Putting it all Together:

pre heat oven to 425 degrees

cut the sausages in about one inch bites, chop up the onion and pepper, toss together with oil and cayenne pepper-just looking for a light coating of oil and feel free to add more cayenne if you are feeling spicy. Spread ingredients onto a large baking sheet and cook until brown, turning or tossing once while cooking. Meanwhile, cut cheese into little squares. Once sausages are cooked let cool. After they have cool assemble a piece of sausage with a piece of cheese-if you are real energetic and have the time cut up the 'roasted' peppers and onions and add to the assembly. However roasting the sausages and peppers and onions together did marry the flavors and without going through the extra work to add them you will still have a subtle flavor of them in the sausage.

I said 2-3 pkg for a couple of reasons, it depends on how many are coming over and keep in mind that they are so 'handy' that they are easy to eat and easy to pile onto an appetizer plate-they will likely go quickly.