In a time in my life where I am trying to watch what goes in my body, now I have to worry about glued meats and pink slime? What's in your burger?I know that there are mixed feeling's about the government taking care of its people, but in one area that I have appreciated this 'help' has been with the quality assurance I thought that I was getting at the grocery store. I am starting to think that if I don't grow it, make it or raise it, I shouldn't eat it.

The word of pink slime is running crazy over the internet today and has me upset and grossified. Here is the basics of pink slime as I have understood: It's not meat, but its pink so it is meat. It comes from the scrapes of 'regular' beef. Pink slime is ground, bathed in ammonia and mixed into 'regular' beef. I am sure that I have cut out steps and simplified it way to much, but really that's all we need to know. Essentially additives to bulk up our beef and it's not only in our fast food but in our grocers meat cases too. Up to 25% of our ground meat is something other than what we thought we were getting and its perfectly legal and government approved. In fact it is said that the slime is safe and offers no health risks.

Many fast food chains decided late in 2011 and early 2012 to stop purchasing meat mixed with slime. However, many schools still serve the meat mixture.

Now when we talk about meat glue, well that is something completely different, but equally disturbing.

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