If it is true that you're more likely to shed pounds and create a healthier you, let's get cooking breakfast. I realize that its a struggle in the morning getting going without having to worry about breakfast, but it can be done quickly-plus you'll never forget the special times when you made breakfast for the kids as they headed out the door for school.


So the story can be told so boldly that not only do people who eat breakfast aren't just skinnier, they are smarter too.... hmmmm!


Left over potatoes from dinner, 4-6 pieces of deli ham, 6 eggs, a Tbs of water, a 1/4 cup shredded cheese and butter.


I make this breakfast probably 2-3 times a week, it's easy, hardy and keeps me from snacking on stupid things at work.

My secret to yummy softly cooked and fluffy eggs is to use a high sided pan, I have even been known to use a small pan. I first heat my pan, add a pad of butter   throw in the ham (chopped) cook for about a minute or two then throw in a handful of potatoes from last nights (or two nights ago) dinner, cook for another minute or two, then crack the eggs in the pan (no  don't put them in a bowl first and whisk them to death), once they are all in the pan I break the yokes and fold them into each other, getting the cooked parts from the bottom and pulling them to the top (so you are essentially folding all the ingredients into the half cooked eggs (but do this lightly in a folding motion) add a Tbs of water, lets cook on medium low about a minute fold them again, add the cheese remove from the heat and fold them one more time or just let the cheese rest on top as it melts into the eggs.

I may have made this sound complicated, but it is really simple and goes fast, you'll be eating breakfast in 10 minutes tops (and a hint about the potatoes, if you're making them for dinner always make extra's for this or another use with a dinner later in the week)

I will often make a light English muffin or low cal bread to go with this "skillet" dish.