Luke Bryan is 'just' a good ole southern boy and he loves most thing's southern, although I'm pretty sure that I heard he won't eat chitterlings. Can't say that I blame him there and collard greens are sometimes a stretch too, but with this recipe, like Luke Bryan, you too will like collard greens.



2 Ham hocks (you'll find them in the meat dept.), 1/2 a pound of bacon (cut into 2" pieces), 1 red pepper (chopped), cayenne pepper sauce (I use Red Hot), 2 cans of chicken broth and a bunch of collard greens. *chopped onion optional


In a dutch oven or stock pot cook the bacon till crispy, remove about 6 pieces and set aside, leave the rest and the bacon grease in the pot, now add the red pepper cook for up to 5 minutes (you could also add a chopped onion if you'd like at this time) add in the ham hocks, cook for two minutes stirring them to coat with bacon grease, now add the chicken broth, turn temp to medium low, cover and let simmer for at least 45 minutes

Clean the collard greens and remove them from the stem, now chop the greens, kind of like you would do lettuce for a salad, or when you're making cabbage, now add the greens plus 1 Tbs of hot sauce and 1 Tbs of butter to the pot with broth, pepper, ham hocks and bacon. cook this for at least 30 minutes, taste them and make sure they are tender, but not mushy and that they are seasoned enough, you may want to add more hot sauce or salt and pepper.

When ready put the collard greens in a serving dish with the meat from the ham hocks, it should just flake off, don't serve whole with bone and then top with the reserved bacon (crumble it first)