I write recipes and cook all the time, it's time to see what you have cooking!

I really don't care if its something you think is simple, don't be shy. I want to eventually come to your house and cook with you. I think that it would be fun to play around in your kitchen (okay, what I really mean is make a mess I don't have to clean)

We could trade recipes, you make mine and I make yours or work together on the same, either way its pure kitchen cooking fun. Are you game?

Please send your recipes in, I will make them at home and potentially feature them on Recipe Rescue. From the recipes I feature, I will choose one that I will do a home visit with and share time in the kitchen.

I am excited to see what you're cooking and excited to possibly come to your home to cook with you. Remember, it doesn't have to be fancy, but I would like you to bring your family favorites to the table-what dishes would your family get upset over if you never made again? Is there a recipe you would like to lighten up? A recipe that needs something? A recipe you think could win you the best cook in Colorado? Start sending them in now and soon I could be coming to your house.

Send all recipes to D@K99.com