It's not always easy avoiding our favorite cold weather foods, but when we're trying to shed a few pounds it's really important and to maintain a healthy self long term here is a great recipe for Sheppard's Pie that will taste great and could help you lose weight, while being relatively healthy.
may 4th, 2012
Lighter Sheppard's Pie


1 Lb of lean ground turkey (about 510 calories), 1 10oz bag mixed frozen peas & carrots (151 calories per bag), Homemade mashed potatoes with no butter and 1% milk (334 calories), 2 cans of fat free cream of chicken soup (280 calories total)


Brown the ground turkey with some salt and pepper, stir in soup and cook till well blended then add veggies. Pour into baking dish and top with mashed potatoes. Bake for 30 minutes

Mashed potatoes: cook 2 large Russet potatoes and mash with enough milk to make creamy

Total Calories per serving: 212 Calories per serving

Total Calories per serving made traditional way: 452 Calories per serving*

*calories for Sheppard's Pie can vary widely