I have always cooked a lot for my family and as of late I have lost my drive, so I say let's start the cooking train and get back into the kitchen.

Let's pop back into the kitchen quietly, quickly and easily... Not every meal has to be a time consuming, kitchen messing event.

As good as a cook that I like to think that I am a favorite time around our dinner table was when I didn't feel like cooking... no I'm not talking about going out to eat, just making a simple dimple meal that ALWAYS got rave reviews and nearly left nothing left for lunch tomorrow.



2 boxes of your favorite rice a roni, ours usually is beef or garlic chicken

1 lb hamburger or ground chicken (depends on which rice a roni you picked) you can also saute a couple of chicken breasts and cut them up instead of ground chicken. 4Tbsp butter and water

here's what you do:

saute the meat and then add the rice a roni and butter, pretty much per package instructions... then add the seasoning packet and water and simmer for about 20-25 minutes.

Simple enough?

One step at a time back into the kitchen... let's think up idea's that are quick and yummy, cause you have better things to do than stand in the kitchen all night-making a mess. :)