When making meals that you see on tv or in restaurants it gets frustrating because there are so many ingredients to buy for one dish or the ingredients are just too expensive to "try" a new recipe only for it to be something you don't like. This Hamburger Wellington dish is fast and easy, and for pennies compared to what you would normally spend on Beef Wellington.
Insides - Wagyu Beef Pie - Jones The Grocer, Chadstone AUD8


1 box of refrigerated pie crusts, 1 lb of hamburger (divided into four patties), a handful of fresh mushrooms (chopped), Dijon mustard and a jar of your favorite brown gravy


Make 4 patties out of your hamburger, brush with Dijon mustard and top with mushrooms (as little or as much as you like) and a little salt and pepper. Roll out the pie crusts into squares, make sure all four hamburger patties will fit and cut each crust into four and "sandwich" your patties. Pinch end to make sure that they are sealed and bake at 375 for 20-30 minutes.