Don't say "oh no D I can't do that" because yes you can, they are so easy your 13 year old can do it (you might want to supervise the actual frying part). Come on, don't be scared, let's mix thing's up in the kitchen.



1 8oz pkg of cream cheese at room temperature, 2 green onions (green part only-minced), 1 pkg of wonton wrappers, 2oz of crab meat or 2/3 sticks of imitation crab meat, 1 Tbs of powered sugar, 1 tsp of ginger and oil for frying


Take the softened, room temperature cream cheese and mix in the powdered sugar, crab meat, ginger and scallions or green onions-place in refrigerator for about 15 minutes

Take the wonton wrappers and we the center of each side, fill with a teaspoon of filling and pinch the wonton into itself till it looks like a flower or plane propeller (or like in the picture) :P

It's time to start frying: get a deep pot and add around two inches of oil, heat to 350 and fry only a few at a time (over crowding a pot will lower the temp of the oil too fast and cook the wontons unevenly) These will cook pretty quickly, keep  turning them for even browning, if your oil is hot it shouldn't take any longer than four minutes. Let them cool a few minutes before serving, the inside can get quite hot.

As far as a sweet and sour dipping sauce it will likely be cheaper to just buy a bottle int he condiment isle at the grocery store. Unless you want to buy ingredients like plum sauce, oyster sauce and Worcestershire sauce