With such high temps lately its hard to think of good food that is light and easy to eat in the heat. Thursday, the Fourth of July is expected to hit about 90 degrees, try this recipe as a refreshing alternative to heavy potato and creamy pasta salads.



1 Bag of your favorite blue corn chips, 1 bag of shredded Mexican blend cheese, 1 Lg can of Pinto beans (rinsed and drained), Spicy Ranch dressing, 1 can of black olives (drained), grape tomatoes (cut in half), a white onion (diced) Romaine lettuce (chopped), pickled jalapenos (if desired) and one packet of taco seasoning.


In a large bowl combine the beans, lettuce, onion,  tomatoes, olives, the taco seasoning and dressing (you want it to be a little wetter than you think it should be as you still have the lettuce and chips to add) mix well, but be careful not to break down the beans, I use a folding kind of method when combining the ingredients. Right before serving I add the lettuce, chips and cheese... give it a light toss to coat well, if needed add more dressing and top with a few crushed chips and the jalapenos (if you are using them)

This salad is festive and will pair well with most foods that you serve.