There are so many great meats to chose from for your Christmas dinner, Ham though seems to be a classic favorite and guess what, it's fairly easy.

photos/vxla, flickr

When it comes to ham I'm not the kind that says you have to use spiral or shank or butt, I say find a ham that looks good and is preferably on sale.


A ham, yes you can say duh! You'll also need about a half of a cup of brown sugar and honey, if you have brown mustard that would be yummy too, but if not don't sweat it. Oh and don't forget the butter.


The biggest thing with a ham in my opinion is remembering that although its cooked it will take some time to warm through, as long as 3-4 hours depending on its size. I start my ham out exposed side down on a baking sheet. (exposed end to me the 'meat' end, the largest part of the ham normally) I cook it for about an hour and then I 'treat' it. I melt about a stick of butter and mix it with the brown sugar, then add the honey and a couple of squirts of the brown mustard, if you are using it. Stir until it is all incorporated and then brush your ham, liberally with the sauce. You will want to brush the ham three times while it continues to warm. If I have more left over I will pour it over the ham before I cut it to serve.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!