I am thankful to have Christine in my life, oh the way our connections are made in this life are extraordinary. She made an awesome salsa this morning and I said I must share that, so all the way from Kansas she invites us into her kitchen for a most amazing fresh garden salsa.

Christine's Fresh Garden Salsa


About 6 cups of two different tomatoes (Other than cherry)
About 2 cups of onion (Purple and yellow and we like onion!)
1 green pepper
1 cup of jalapenos
1 other salsarific hot pepper (Can't remember the name other than salsarific)
Lots of garlic - I think I used 8 cloves (We like garlic, too!)
Some fresh cilantro leaves
Cumin to taste
A little salt
A little black pepper
Sugar to taste
About a half of a cup of vinegar (I used mostly white with a bit of balsamic)

-I didn't with this batch but instead of using that much vinegar I have used half tequila and half vinegar - to die for if you like a little punch to it.

I also like to put in black beans, corn and avocado.
Have fun making it your own salsa!