I am a crazy wonton... Just ask my James if I buy wontons for a dish and have extra wonton wrappers, it's a free for all, I love stuffing left overs in there and sometimes just creating really cool add-ins... today, we're doing a play on chicken cordon blue, wonton style.

mattymatt/flickr- picture is of chicken cordon bleu before we get crazy and put in wonton


1 cup of diced chicken, 1/2 cup of diced ham, 1 pkg of Swiss cheese


Mix together the ham and chicken, cut your cheese in squares to fit inside wonton (you can put on bottom of wonton and one on top of mixture, this is what I like to do) then lay out your wontons, fill with one teaspoon of the mixture and place cheese as you like one on bottom or bottom and top. Dip you finger in water and rub around the edge of each wonton and fold into a triangle and seal, the water will act like glue when you seal them.